Personal portfolio

I used to create a lot of graphics and websites. Most of these are now obsolete in technology (Flash, anyone?) or in visual identity (about those icons…) but they are colourful and somehow different from my day to day corporate portfolio. They represent now some sort of ‘internet archaeology’ and vintage web design.

They are divided into:

* Commercial – mostly work up to 1999
* Personal – work produced as a freelance between 1996 and today
* Graphics – bits & pieces for fun and events in a very vintage slideshow

In each section there are links to live sites where possible, or otherwise screen grabs.


1997 – 1999

The websites in this sections were produced by 64k and Syzygy while I worked there.

64k no longer exists but Syzygy is now one of the most influential interactive agency in Europe. I was lucky enough to be there at the very beginning, and it was such a buzzing atmosphere! It was 64k however that offered me the skills and the knowledge I needed to then proceed to better opportunities.

I did very small bits in the case of Syzygy, but played a larger role in the case of 64k, and overall learned a great deal of stuff… some of the sites I worked on were Pepsi, Royal Opera House, Mountstuart, Standard, Nescafé. All these sites have dramatically changed or not longer exist (sadly, I would add).


Personal / freelance work

1997 – 2015 to date

While I work in the corporate world from 9 to 5, in my free time I like producing other kinds of work, from designing websites for restaurants to helping friends spreading the word about their charity challenges.