Personal portfolio

I used to create a lot of graphics and websites. Most of these are now obsolete in technology (Flash, anyone?) or in visual identity (about those icons…) but they are colourful and somehow different from my day to day corporate portfolio. They represent now some sort of ‘internet archaeology’ and vintage web design.

They are divided into:

* Commercial – mostly work up to 1999
* Personal – work produced as a freelance between 1996 and today
* Graphics – bits & pieces for fun and events in a very vintage slideshow

In each section there are links to live sites where possible, or otherwise screen grabs.


1997 – 1999

The websites in this sections were produced by 64k and Syzygy while I worked there.

64k no longer exists but Syzygy is now one of the most influential interactive agency in Europe. I was lucky enough to be there at the very beginning, and it was such a buzzing atmosphere! It was 64k however that offered me the skills and the knowledge I needed to then proceed to better opportunities.

I did very small bits in the case of Syzygy, but played a larger role in the case of 64k, and overall learned a great deal of stuff… below a selection in chronological order (most recent at the top). All these sites have dramatically changed or not longer exist (sadly, I would add).

With 64k
Canesten site
Canesten was designed to be an easy to use site where users could find information about the five main Canesten products and advice about their treatment and prevention. Since users of Canesten products are predominantly women, 64k designed the site to be in keeping with the look and feel of a popular women’s magazine.
I participated on designing the site with my colleague Martyn, and this was my last production with 64k.
Nescafe showreel was a gateway to all Nescafé activity in the UK and had been a major client for 64k since ’98.
The web site was magazine-inspired, providing information such as the history of Nescafé and its advertising, the definitive guide to coffee, updates on national events and promotions, the full product range, a database of frequently asked questions, as well as a variety of downloads. I worked on the original layout building the core structure of the site. I also implemented movie clips and various graphics.
Standard screen shot
The Standard is one of the world’s largest shipping insurance company. Based in St Katherine’s Docks, it has branches worldwide. 64k designed their first global site. We worked on all aspects of this huge site, from design to production, from client meetings to interactivity. This was the first site we developed using ASP and CSS.
Mount Stuart showreel Mount Stuart House & Gardens is a beautiful mansion in Scotland. 64k produced their first web site and I was the designer responsible for the look and feel of the site, meeting with the client since the beginning of the project and taking it all the way through completion. We developed two versions, for PC and Mac users, in order to display the layout and line spacing we had given to the pages, to transmit a feel of elegance and space.
TBM Three Blind Mice were an interactive Design and Illustration agency, based in London. 64k developed their site in ’98.
We used Flash technology and offered the users the choice to view plain HTML version too. Use of CGI and video clip was also part of the site.
With Syzygy
Pepsi screen
While at Syzygy I had my first approach to web site design.I contributed to one of their main sites – Pepsi UK – by creating many web ready graphics. The site was mainly based on the ‘Fridge’ character and a lot of games were being developed in house for the site users.
Liquidity site screen
I also worked on the Whiskas website, retouching and preparing the images of hundreds of cats for the web.

Personal / freelance work

1997 – 2015

While I work in the corporate world from 9 to 5, in my free time I like producing other kinds of work, from designing websites for restaurants to helping friends spreading the word about their charity challenges.

Monkey Leaf May 2011 – Monkey Leaf are soap with a heart. Profits from the sales of these natural, home made, hand made palm oil free soaps will go to Orangutan Appeak UK.
September 2010 – Badia di Pattano is one of the major byzantine monasteries of Southern Italy. A non-profit, the Badia also hosts seminars and lectures to preserve the legacy of the byzantines in Italy.
December 2004 – Il Tordo Matto was a stylish  restaurant opened in October 2004 just outside Rome by a young chef, who trained amongst others, with Giorgio Locatelli in London. His menu reflected his tastes for local products and originality. The website also reflected the venue look and feel.
bgifunds screen shot
October 2004 – The Big mamathon was the name of a team participating in a charity challenge across Africa. They left the UK in Dec 04 and came back in January 2005, having raised around $5000 for MSF and an orphanage in Kenia. The site was entirely developed in Flash MX, and created in English and italian language. It also had a ‘sign up’ newsletter service.
Site image February 2003 – FBS spa is an Italian wholesale company for car parts & spares. In partnership with Roadstar, we developed this site matching their requirements for a bold looking, easy to navigate site. It was aimed at a very specific target who knows exactly what they are looking for and does not want too much fuss or design frills.
October 2002Gagana was launched – it was a web design studio producing wedding and celebrations sites. Not only the co-founder, I was also the designer and developer of the Gagana site and all their ‘made by’ spin offs. I also took care of the editorial content, the marketing campaign, the branding and the graphics of this venture which unfortunately was not as successful as hoped for.
Liquidity site screen
January 2002 – The Swing Bunch is a non profit-making dance and event group based in London. Founded in 2001, the Swingbunch is a successful Swing Dance portal with updates, news, a busy mailing list, and monthly events.I was the designer/developer and content editor of the site, and also organiser and planner of Swing Bunch events. All the graphics for these events are created by me and examples can be found in the ‘Various graphics‘ section.
December 2001CaseItaliane was the UK ‘branch’ of an Italian company who deals with b&b and short term accommodation in Italy’s major cities.
It was developed jointly with a partner – the existing content had been adjusted for the UK market. The venture closed down in 2006.


October 2001 – The Billybros were an Italian swing band with a consistent following in the UK.I developed this site as their UK fan site, creating the design to match the band’s colourful zoot suits and their enthusiasm and energy. It’s a simple html only site and the content has been extracted from their Italian site.
Other productions – no longer active sites

Site image

Site image

Imagecare was a photo lab in Kingston upon Thames. The site was created in 2000.VMax Team was the British sky diving female team. I designed and developed their second web site in 2000, making it more appealing to a young public, but keeping their ‘high flying’ logo.Atlantica scuba club is a diving centre in north Sardinia. Their site was created combining the classic choice of blue with more colourful imagery of drawings. Every page had a theme, whether a sea turtle or a marine star, plus a lot of information on the centre, the area and of course the diving. An interactive map was developed with the dive sites of the area.Sub Center Fomdale is located in a small sea side town in southern Italy. The site was simple yet straight forward. It presented the center and the many dive sites of this remote and beautiful corner of Italy.