About me

I am Italian but in March 2015 I became a British citizen so I own dual citizenship, long overdue since I moved to the UK in 1994 but now essential thanks to Brexit.

I was born in Napoli and grew up looking at the beautiful Mediterranean sea each morning from my bedroom window; that has stayed with me since and I travel back home as often as I can.

I am married and I am a dog owner, a relatively recent fact that has certainly opened a whole new world, and I am not referring purely to poop scooping. I am a mother of a young boy.

I have been a digital marketing & web manager for years, and have been working in the financial industry (Asset Management) since 1999. It’s been an interesting few years for sure.

I love scuba diving and I hope to be able to do this for as long as I live; I have been very lucky to Floatingtravel to some incredible places and see some amazing creatures. I recently took up underwater photography and video editing. I take a keen interest in the environment and make sure our living is as ‘green’ as possible.

I have been a food & travel blogger for a few years and I am active in the social media space. I am a freelance writer covering food, travel and scuba diving. I write and translate to and from English and Italian.

I like art, cinema, music and theatre, keeping fit, writing and reading. The Cure are my favourite band of all times.

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